Experience & Courses

Meet The Birds

This half day experience is the ideal gift for children and adults. Get up really close to the birds.

Junior Keeper Days

Join the keepers for a day to learn what goes on in a small animal park.

Meerkat Experience (Currently Suspended)

This 30 minute experience is the ideal gift for children (minimum age 8) and adults. Have your photo taken with one of the meerkats and get up really close.

Hawk Walk (one to one)

A half day experience for lovers of birds and the thrill of a country side. Walking through the country side you will experience what the birds do and the natural hunting methods they employ.

The Ultimate Experience (one to one)

A full day experience that includes time at the centre handling a variety of birds followed by a walk in the country to see them at there best.

Falconry Day

This full day experience  is designed to give you an insight into the needs, housing and care of the birds of prey, including the handling of owls, hawks and falcons.

The Five Day Course in Falconry (one to one)

A complete experience for those wishing to enjoy the thrill of being with and working amongst raptors. Experience is given in animal husbandry, falconry theory and the needs for keeping birds of prey.

Twilight Flying

An experience for those wishing to see owls flying at dusk and get a tasty meal included.

Photographic Days

A complete experience for those wishing to test their photography techniques against the speed and elegance of raptors. Camera versus Raptor – who is for it?

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