Junior Keeper Day

Come and see what being a Keeper at The Raptor Foundation is really like!

Get involved in helping staff finish of the morning routines; help prepare food for reptiles, parrots and birds;

dissect pellets; participate in the flying displays; learn the falconry knot; put equipment on the birds and meet the reptiles.

£40 per child (ages 7-15 years) . Please dress for the weather. Day runs from 9.15am to 3.30pm.

Please call us on 01487 741140 to book. Gift vouchers available

Dates available for 2024

Beginners:                                                                        Advanced: (need to complete beginners first)

17th February 2024                                                          20th February 2024

4th April 2024                                                                  13th April 2024

26th May 2024                                                                 31st  May 2024

29th July 2024                                                                  4th August 2024

24th August 2024                                                            29th August 2024                                         

30th October 2024                                                          2nd November 2024


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