Junior Keeper Day

Come and see what being a Keeper at The Raptor Foundation is really like!

Get involved in helping staff finish of the morning routines; help prepare food for reptiles, parrots and birds;

dissect pellets; participate in the flying displays; learn the falconry knot; put equipment on the birds and meet the reptiles.

£24 per child (ages 7-15 years) . Please dress for the weather.

Please call us on 01487 741140 to book. Gift vouchers available

Dates available for 2020

Beginners:                                                                         Advanced: (need to complete beginners first)

19th February 2020                                                        15th April 2020

11th April 2020                                                                 30th May 2020

26th May 2020                                                                 2nd August 2020

29th July 2020                                                                 

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