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Welcome to the Raptor Foundation

The Raptor Foundation, has been a registered charity for over 30 years. Our aims have always been to aid both injured and captive birds of prey. Firstly, we rescue, rehabilitate and return injured, native birds of prey, back to the wild with extensive knowledge and experience with the aid of local veterinary professionals to give raptors the best chance at survival returning to their natural habitat. Secondly we look to protect and preserve birds of prey through education and conservation. Our site is home to around 170 birds of prey, the majority of which have come from a rescue background. We provide a stable forever home for birds and educate through entertaining, informative & welfare conscious displays showing the amazing natural behaviours of these birds whilst raising awareness for captive & husbandry issues and worldwide conservation. All of our animals are kept to the highest welfare standards to promote & encourage the best standards for keeping birds of prey whilst showing how we and others can help them across the world.

The Raptor Foundation