Help us

Your help is still needed

All of our income comes from visitors, members, school visits, groups, animal experiences, animal adoptions, gift shop, Tearoom and donations. Because of coronavirus this support is only slowly beginning to return.

This is where our visitors, members and supporters can really help. Visitors could consider becoming a member, school teachers and group leaders could consider asking us to visit them or visit us. We can tailor your visit to suit the curriculum or interest you may have.


You can donate via our website or at our go fund me page by clicking here.


You could consider becoming a member, you only have to visit twice and a membership has already paid for itself. 10% discount in our Mad about Owls shop.


If your membership is due renewal now or even later in the year you could really help by renewing now, the full 12 months will still be added to your membership.


We have nearly 200 birds, reptiles and meerkats that are just waiting to be adopted. If you have visited before you may want to pick a particular favourite or if you have a favourite species we can choose one for you.




  • Adoption
    Adoption of a bird is the ideal gift for family and friends that prefer to look but not touch, although that doesn’t mean you can’t adopt one for yourself
  • Membership
    Thinking about becoming a member? As a registered charity the Raptor Foundation welcomes members and the support that they give.
  • Volunteers & Work Experience
    Being a volunteer at The Raptor Foundation offers not only the satisfaction of helping a worthwhile cause, but also affords the privilege of getting close to the birds and gaining an insight into and understanding of birds of prey.