The Five Day Falconry Course (one to one)

5 Day Falconry course (optional Raptor award)

This course is available throughout the year and is open for beginners through to experienced falconers. You have one to one tuition with a trained falconer that is also a Raptor approved assessor. The course can be for you or as a gift for a family member or friend.

The course covers the basic information that you need to own and fly a bird of prey. The training will cover the following.

  • C1 Birds of Prey accommodation and equipment

  • C2 Feeding and Nutrition in Birds of Prey

  • C3 Monitor and Maintain Health in Captive Birds of Prey

  • C4 Catching, Restraining and Moving a Bird of Prey

  • C5 Keeping Birds of Prey – legal aspects and animal welfare bodies (UK)

  • C6 Birds of Prey Species and types and the impact on their training

  • C7 Furniture and Equipment for Handling Birds of Prey

  • C8 Initial Training, Manning and Weight Management

Price £400 (course only)

£520 (course and accommodation)

£580 (course, accommodation and Raptor award)

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