Young Barn Owls

September 29, 2018 9:50 am Published by Leave your thoughts

With all the juveniles we have had admitted throughout the year, we were beginning to think we were not going to see any barn owls, until these two were brought in to us last week. Normally with barn owls, especially so close to fledging age we would get them back into the nest, but with these two siblings it was not possible as the nest is high up in a chimney on a large farm house. One had come down the flue into the bedroom and the other found on the ground outside. Amazingly they have nested in this chimney for several years now, and this is the first time they have needed rescuing. Male and female, they are reaching the age where they would naturally start to make short flights, developing their flying skills very quickly. We will now need to keep them with us until they are flying well, then release them under controlled conditions in a suitable location. If all goes to plan this will be towards the end of next month.