News from the hospital

March 30, 2018 10:27 am Published by Leave your thoughts

An update on the two admissions we reported on last week. The tawny owl has successfully been released back where it was found.  It had no injuries, other than having flown into the side of a building with wet feathers. A couple of days with us and it was ready to be reunited with its partner.


The buzzard is also progressing well having been brought in with its wing wrapped in cotton. The following morning the wing was being held away from the body, which was not a normal position. To help with this, the wing was strapped to hold it in the correct position. Having removed the strapping five days later the bird is now holding the wing in the correct position and showing early signs of making good progress, already making reasonably good flights in our hangar. Further reports of its progress and any further admissions, after the Easter holiday.